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  • VLD10 Reels
  • VLD10 Reels
  • VLD10 Reels
  • VLD10 Reels
  • VLD10 Reels
  • No Flex Metal Frame
  • VLD10 Reels
  • Sleek Low Profile Design
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If you’re looking for a low profile, lightweight, powerhouse reel, the Fitzgerald VLD10 Casting Reel is a perfect choice. Built around an all metal frame for improved strength and durability, the Fitzgerald VLD10 Casting Reel dishes out 20 Lb of fish stopping drag power and features a six-way centrifugal braking system that helps you cast a country mile. A 10+1 ball bearing system also delivers buttery smooth reeling and casting performance, while a heavy duty handle provides extra leverage so you can crank fish out of the thickest mats. Finished with a deep aluminum spool for extra line capacity, the Fitzgerald VLD10 Casting Reel is available in a wide range of gear ratios to suit any application or technique anglers want to utilize.

VLD10-651-R Right 6.5:1 10+1 20 10LB/150YDS   12LB/130YDS   14LB/110YDS 26 7.0 $179.99
VLD10-651-L Left 6.5:1 10+1 20 10LB/150YDS   12LB/130YDS   14LB/110YDS 26 7.0 $179.99
VLD10-721-R Right 7.2:1 10+1 20 10LB/150YDS   12LB/130YDS   14LB/110YDS 29 7.0 $179.99
VLD10-721-L Left 7.2:1 10+1 20 10LB/150YDS   12LB/130YDS   14LB/110YDS 29 7.0 $179.99
VLD10-811-R Right 8.1:1 10+1 20 10LB/150YDS   12LB/130YDS   14LB/110YDS 31.5 7.0 $179.99
VLD10-811-L Left 8.1:1 10+1 20 10LB/150YDS   12LB/130YDS   14LB/110YDS 31.5 7.0 $179.99


The VLD10 by Fitzgerald Fishing is a low profile light weight power house! 

  • Salt Armor Coating
  • 20 lb Carbon Fiber Drag
  • All Metal Frame
  • 6-Way Centrifugal Braking System
  • EVA Knobs
  • Deep Aluminum Spool
  • Heavy Duty Handle

Tournament Proven!

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7 Reviews

  • 5
    Just awesome

    I own 3 so far and plan on replacing all my reels. Super smooth, perfect gear ratios, light , internal breaking system flawless and 20 lbs of drag to boot. Recommend to all.

  • 5
    VLD 10 Reel

    I am pleased with this reel, it performs perfectly. Most impressed with the way it casts and the retrieve speed. Highly recommend it.

  • 5

    Wow! I purchased this reel for my jig, all I can say is this thing is fast. Love knowing that this reel not only has the speed to get the big ones out of that heavy cover, but the drag system is second to none.

  • 5
    Silky Smooth

    Super impressed with how smooth the casting and flipping abilities are with this reel. I’m also a fan of the flatter style thumb bar.

  • 5
    Awesome reel

    This reel is awesome . Smooth as silk and built for battle!

  • 5
    VDL10 Reel

    I received my Fitzgerald VLD10-651 Reel yesterday. I tested it out today spoiled with green, 40 lb. Fitzgerald Vursa Braid on a 7’3” Fitzgerald Vursa Series Rod. I used a 3/8 oz. Black/ Blue Fitzgerald Tungsten Swim Jig and landed a couple nice bass. All these Fitzgerald products a great high quality products. I recommend all these Fitzgerald products and I will be using strictly Fitzgerald rods reels and braided line from now on.

  • 5
    Great Reel

    I received mine last week and I used it all weekend. This is a very nice reel for the money. It has a metal frame so you don't feel any flexing when catching fish. I'm going to buy a couple more for sure.

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