FLW Costa Series Lake Okeechobee

FLW Costa Series Lake Okeechobee

Well it's time again for Lake Okeechobee to show us how great of a fishery it really is. Tomorrow is day one of the FLW Costa tournament. Anglers are getting their gear ready for another exciting weekend. It's going to be a frigid one, but there's no doubt that we'll see big bags at weight-in time.
From Bryan Thrift to one of our local Pro staffers Robbie Crosnoe and many more, they will be well equipt with the right gear to tackle the Big O.
The Okeechobee Rod 7’6” Hvy from our Original Series is one of Thrift's favorites for fishing Lake Okeechobee.                                          
This is one of the most versatile rods we offer for fishing in and around vegetation or wood. This rod is designed specifically for fishing Lake Okeechobee and lakes with lots of vegetation. Whether you are casting a Skinny Dipper, a Big EZ, swimming a toad, walking a frog or flipping or pitching, this rod does it all. This rod is the perfect for pitching big jigs that weigh 3/4oz-1oz.


                                     The Okeechobee Rod 7'6" Hvy

Another favorite rod for this tournament is the Titan HD 7'8 Hvy. This one will be Robbie Crosnoe's choice this week. This rods  sensitivity and power are major factors to consider when flipping and pitching. Designed by professional bass angler, Trevor Fitzgerald, these rods are some of the most superior flipping/pitching rods available.
                                               Titan HD 7'8" Hvy

If you get to fish Lake Okeechobee stop by any of the major tackle shops on the lake and check out our rods.
Good Luck to everybody this weekend.

3rd Jan 2018 Fitzgerald Fishing

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