Bryan Thrift Series

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  • Bryan Thrift Series
  • Bryan Thrift Series
  • Bryan Thrift Series
  • Bryan Thrift Series
  • Bryan Thrift Series
  • Bryan Thrift Series
  • Bryan Thrift Series
  • Bryan Thrift Series
  • Bryan Thrift Series
  • Bryan Thrift Series
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Cemented among the best in the world of professional bass fishing, Bryan Thrift has accrued over 3-million dollars in career earnings, collected a number of titles, and a host of tournament wins. Designed 100% by Thrift himself, the Fitzgerald Bryan Thrift Series Casting Rods channel all of his angling experience to provide the ideal actions and tapers to fish a full range of baits.

NEW Model  Power Guides  Length LineWeight Lure Weight Taper Handle Length Available 
  FT63MH  MED HVY 8+Tip  6'3"  8-15 LB 1/4 - 5/8 OZ MOD-FAST 14 1/4"  
  CJS66MH  MED HVY 9+Tip   6'6"  10-17 LB 1/4 - 3/4 OZ MOD-FAST 14 1/4"   
  TCR69MH  MED HVY 9+Tip  6'9"  8-15 LB 1/4 - 3/4 OZ MOD-FAST 15"   
  TSB70MH  MED HVY 9+Tip  7'0"  8-15 LB 3/8 - 3/4 OZ MOD 15 1/4"   
  SS69H  HVY 9+Tip   6'9"  10-20 LB 3/8 - 1 OZ FAST 15 1/4"  
  TFR72MH  MED HVY 9+Tip  7'2"  12-25 LB 1/4 - 3/4 OZ MOD-FAST 15 3/4"   
  TCB74M  MED 9+Tip  7'4"  8-15 LB 1/8 - 1/2 OZ MOD 16"   
  TCB74MH  MED HVY 9+Tip  7'4"  10-20 LB 1/4 - 3/4 OZ MOD 16"   
  TCB74H  HVY 9+Tip  7'4"  12-25 LB 3/8 - 1 1/4 OZ MOD 16"  
NEW MJ73M  MED 8+Tip 7'3" 8-15 LB 1/8 - 1/2 OZ FAST 16"  
NEW SWW610MHS  MED HVY 8+Tip 6'10" 8-15 LB 1/4 - 5/8 OZ MOD-FAST 13" Spinning
NEW DSNR70MS  MED 9+Tip 7'0" 6-12 LB 1/8 - 5/8 OZ FAST 13" Spinning



Well balanced, lightweight, and easy to fish all day, the Fitzgerald Bryan Thrift Series Casting Rods combine the outstanding quality that Fitzgerald is known for with professionally tuned actions that ensure tournament-worthy performance.

Additional Features:

  •  Artus HD moderate micro guides for extreme durability
  •  None Slip EVA Grips
  •  High Quality Specially Engineered Graphite Blank
  •  Proprietary Fitzgerald Fishing Blank Technology
  •  Designed to Perform
 Every Fitzgerald Fishing rod is made with saltwater grade components and can be used in fresh and saltwater with no issue.
  stunner-casting-rod.jpg vursa-series-2021.jpg all-purpose-casting-fishing-rod.jpg new-thrift-casting-handlejpg.jpg
 PRICE $169.99 - $179.99 $129.99 $189.99 $189.99
 ROD LENGHTS 6'8" - 7'6" 6'8" - 7'8" 7'0" - 7'6" 6'3" - 7'4"
 GUIDES Microwave Guides Air Wave Guides American Tackle Guides Artus HD Guides
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16 Reviews

  • 4
    Great rod

    Posted by kenneth wiley on 2nd Sep 2021

    Although it is for square bill crank baits, I use it for top water. Great all around rod!!

  • 5

    Posted by David Osterhout on 8th Apr 2021

    Great rod for drop shot. Very sensitive.

  • 5
    Best cranking rod!

    Posted by Curt R Graves on 1st Apr 2021

    The Thrift Series 7'4 MH cranking rod is lightweight, parabolic bending, and sensitive. I have 2 now. With 10 or 12# fluourocarbon, I can cast a crankbait a long ways, and I can feel the vibration & bottom. The rod loads really well on the cast and on a fish. This is absolutely the best cranking rod on the market!

  • 5
    Thrift series skipping rod

    Posted by Brian Campbell on 26th Mar 2021

    Excellent rod designed perfectly for the dock fishing application. It will make you a better dock fisherman. The accuracy is incredibly better than other rods I've used in the past.

  • 5
    Bryan Thrift Square bill rod

    Posted by David Childress on 14th Dec 2020

    Very well built rod. Sensitive feel on the retrieve of both a sq bill and spinner bait.

  • 5
    Top quality rod.

    Posted by Todd on 7th Dec 2020

    Currently switching all my rods to Fitzgerald!

  • 5
    Bryan Thrift Chatterbait rod

    Posted by Chris Koons on 28th Aug 2020

    I have most of the rods in this series, the chatterbox rod is perfect just like the rest of them!

  • 5
    Bryan Thrift Frog Rod

    Posted by Martin Gillette on 6th Jun 2020

    Awesome rod! Great feel and light as a feather.

  • 5

    Posted by Randy Walden on 28th Feb 2020

    I recently purchased several different Bryan Thrift series rods and absolutely love them all. The three that really stand out are the jerk bait, chatter bait and the square bill rods. Light weight super sensitive and the action is perfect for each application. For years I was a huge G Loomis fan and they do have great rods but after using Fitzgerald I’ll never use anything else. Customer service is by far the best also.

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