Application Form


2016-2017 Application




 1.    Boater (Team Captain)                                          2. Non-Boater

Name___________________________________      Name   ____________________________________

Address________________ City_____________       Address _____________________City___________

Zip_________ Phone (      ) _________________       Zip ____________ Phone  (      ) _______________

Email___________________________________      Email _____________________________________

Member Fee- $25.00 per person _____________      Member Fee- $25.00 per person _______________

Emergency  Contact  ______________________       Emergency  Contact _________________________

Phone __________________________________      Phone ____________________________________

*Season Big Bass Pot $10.00 per team per season. 100% pay back. Please see rules for more details.

Paid___________       Refused____________

Liability Release:

A. In signing this agreement, I hereby release Fish Tales Tournament Series, its officers, agents, employees and sponsors (herein referred to as Fish Tales Tournament Series) from any and all damages, claims, demands, cost or expenses relating to injury of any person(s) or any property, which I may sustain or which I may cause by reason of participating in or in connection with any and all Fish Tales Tournament Series events.

B. Covenant not to sue and Waiver of Subrogation: I further agree that I will never sue Fish Tales Tournament Series for damages on account of any injury or damage I suffer or cause whether known now or which may develop in the future. In the event Fish Tales Tournament Series is sued because of my actions, I expressly agree to indemnify and hold Fish Tales Tournament Series harmless from any liability whatsoever, including court cost and attorney’s fees, arising with respect to such actions. I understand that in waiving my rights to sue Fish Tales Tournament Series I am also waiving my rights of recovery from Fish Tales Tournament Series of my Insurance carrier for any claims they may pay on my behalf. I further understand that by signing this agreement I waive any rights my heirs or relatives have or may have to sue Fish Tales Tournament Series for liability.

C. Verification of Liability Insurance: I state that I maintain liability insurance on the boat I will use in this or any Fish Tales Tournament Series events.

D. Truth Verification: Polygraph or truth verification may be given at any time at the discretion of the officers of Fish Tales Tournament Series. Refusal or failure of polygraph or truth verification will automatically eliminate team members’ participation from all future Fish Tales Tournament Series events.

E. Camera Release: I hereby grant Fish Tales Tournament Series the unconditional rights to use my voice, photographic likeness and biographical information and fishing tips and instructions in connection with all Fish Tales Tournament Series video/audio production, promotions and/or other compensation in connection with such use.

F. I signify by my signature that I have read, understand and agree to abide by all rules and regulations and decisions set forth by Fish Tales Tournament Series tournament officials.

G. Fish Tales Tournament Series reserves the right to refuse membership and/or participation in any event for any reason.


Boater ____________________________________ Date_______________

 Non-Boater ________________________________ Date___________