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  • 2022 FITZCASH
  • 2022 FITZCASH
  • 2022 FITZCASH
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Fitz Cash Contingency Award

Fitzgerald Fishing awards boaters and co-anglers with a customer loyalty program.

Here is how you qualify;

  • Contestants must register annually through the Fitz Cash contingency link and show proof of purchase by submitting a valid receipt for purchases.
  • Contestants must pay the annual registration fee of $35.00 per person
  • Participants must purchase at least one Fitzgerald Rod and one Fitzgerald Reel as of 06/01/21
  • Anglers must register each calendar year “A calendar year runs January 1 through December 31”

   You will receive a Fitzgerald hat and 3 Fitzgerald Fishing Stickers with the purchase of your membership.

 Contestants must display: 

  • The provided Fitzgerald Fishing logo stickers on their tow vehicle or the windshield of boat or the outside top rail of the boat (both sides).
  • 2”+ logo on jersey or wear any hat or shirt made by Fitzgerald Fishing with either a Fitzgerald Fishing or Fitzgerald Rods logo on the front of it. 
  • This will be verified by the Tournament Director. Contestants must submit photos of their boat or truck with the logo clearly shown 

 Qualifying Tournaments: Wild West Bass Trail, Bassmaster Opens, MLF Toyota Series, BFL and ABA Open Series

 Fitz Cash Value:

Pays $250 to the highest finisher in the top 5 in the tournament/ Must have one Fitzgerald Rod and one Fitzgerald Reel in the boat during the tournament; proof of purchase required. 

You must use a rod and a reel so why not get paid to use ours! 

To file a claim please email everything listed below to within 60 days of the event date. Payout will be received in store credit on

 Fitz Cash Claim Form

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